Who We Are
Rohi Foundation is a non-profit, grassroots, non-governmental organization founded and registered in Cameroon since 2007 with the mission of promoting peace, human rights education and humanitarian actions in society. It envisions a society where every action is motivated by compassion and love. Its motto is: Faith, Hope and Love. The founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is Dr. Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum.

Management of the Foundation is carried out under the following two structures; an Executive Bureau and a Board of Trustees as shown in the tables below.
Dr. Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum
Chief Executive Office
Mr. Ndikum Divine
Director of Projects
Mrs. Akwani Judis
Financial Officer
Mr. Barnabas Ambe
Mss. Mabel Yinyuy
Volunteer Coordinator
Mr. Che Dedian Anye
Operation Officer
Mrs. Fuhbang Amabel Lem
Board Chair
Miss Fobin Trinity Lum
Board Treasurer
Dr. Mrs. Yoh Medetoh Sandrine
Board Secretary
Mrs. Meh Annette Bih
Board Financial Secretary
What We Do
Since its creation, Rohi Foundation has mobilized humanitarian assistance to those with extreme challenges in Cameroonian Society: orphans, widows, the sick, teenage mothers, persons with disabilities, internally displaced persons (IDPs), and the unemployed. The Foundation has also provided educational support, psycho-social assistance to abused children, palliative care, entrepreneurship and vocational training of youths, seed capital, career guidance, sexuality and reproductive health education, family planning and restoration. Furthermore, Rohi Foundation has also conducted several activities geared toward the promotion and protection of human rights and peacebuilding. Since the start of violence in the English speaking part of Cameroon in 2016, Rohi Foundation has centered its actions on civilian peacebuilding, humanitarian actions and home schooling in the conflict zone. Presently, Rohi Foundation is carrying out several projects among which are the following:
  • Peacebuilding through Youth: a project that aims at de-radicalizing and reducing youths’ vulnerability to the violence in the English Speaking regions of Cameroon and also equipping them to face the educational challenges provoked by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Peace Education Clubs: a project that aims at providing a platform where both pupils and teachers learn skills, exchange experiences, teach others and apply the knowledge of peace in their everyday life.
  • Peace Education Campaigns: a project that aims at creating awareness on the need of peace education in Cameroonian society.
  • Home Schooling Approach for Children in a War Context: a project that aims at training home school educators in the most violent crisis zones in the English speaking part of Cameroon.
Board of Directors
Mrs. Fuhbang Amabel Lem is a professional high school teacher, a former Fulbright scholar, studied in the Universities of Arizona, Yaoundé 1 and Buea. As board chair of Rohi Foundation Cameroon, she ensures that Rohi fulfills its divine mission and vision. As a woman, she has a special passion for improving on women’s conditions and has always carried the plight of women as a personal burden. She’s the type of person who would give away her coat and get drenched under the rain. Most of the women she advocates for are victims of violence or have faced a difficult life and are economically disadvantaged. Amabel has been down to earth and professional toward all. Even when things got hectic and the Foundation was not seeing possibilities, Amabel kept up the hope of other board members: visited or called every board member giving reasons why they ought to keep believing. Contact Amabel: amabel@rohifoundationcameroon.org.
Miss. Fobin Trinity Lum is a talented teacher with international working experience. She is Rohi’s board member with a special passion and talent for children. She is apt in motivating and stimulating children to learn. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. Contact Trinity: trinitylum@yahoo.com.
Mrs. Yoh Medetoh Sandrine is a dentist by profession with several years of working experience both in the hospital and the teaching field. She is Rohi’s board member with special passion for reproductive health education. She holds a doctorate in Dentistry from the Institute of Tropical Odonto-Stomatology of Madagascar. Contact Dr. Sandrine at: medetohsandrine@yahoo.fr.
Mrs. Meh Annette Bih is a professional health worker in the USA. She is Rohi’s board member with a special passion for the plight of pregnant women, especially teenagers. She holds a MSc. degree in Nutrition from the University of Ngoundere and a BSc. from the University of Buea amongst other professional trainings. Contact Annette at: bihanne4real@yahoo.com.
C.E.O’S Profile
Dr. Fuhbang Emmanuel Tanifum has been working with the civil society in Cameroon for over ten years in the spiritual, humanitarian, human rights and peace domains. At a very tender age, he had already developed passion to become a human rights and peace advocate.After college, this passion influenced his decision to enter the university to study Law and Political Science. Still as a law student in the university, he co-founded a human rights association (Jechsmin Pool Human Rights and Freedoms) in Bamenda.Since 2004, he began co-hosting human rights educational programs on a local radio station (Radio Hot Cocoa). He also began volunteering in teaching Human Rights in some secondary schools in Bamenda, although not found in the official school curriculum in Cameroon at that time. He also championed the creation of human rights clubs in some secondary schools in Bamenda.As a human rights activist, he has equally championed several actions for the promotion and protection of human rights, especially the rights of the child and persons with disabilities. He has also coordinated para-legal assistance to victims of human rights abuses. Equally, he has led several actions to deliver life-saving assistance like shelter, food, water, legal and spiritual assistance to help safeguard fundamental human rights and freedoms of victims, thus ensuring human safety and dignity. Furthermore, he has been involved in initiatives toward healing in several inter-tribal conflicts and farmer-grazers conflicts in the Grassfields of Cameroon. He has volunteered in several civil society organizations as well.He founded Rohi Foundation in 2007 out of compassion for the orphans, the widows, the disabled, less privileged and the lost in society. He holds a Ph.D. in Intercultural Studies and a master’s in Law. He has written and published several research articles. He equally holds a Master of Theology, a Master of Divinity from the Cameroon Faculty of Evangelical Theology, Yaoundé, a first degree and postgraduate diploma in law from the University of Yaoundé 2, Soa, among several professional trainings. Read Dr. Fuhbang’s Master’s Thesis here and his PhD Dissertation here. Contact: drfuhbang@rohifoundationcameroon.org.