The Cameroon Youths Nonviolence Resistance Training project aims at training youth leaders Cameroon in nonviolence resistance.

This project aims at educating children on peace values through Peace Education Clubs.
This project aims at creating awareness on the need of peace education in the Cameroonian society. Join us in the campaign for peace education to be adopted in school curricula from primary to University in Cameroon.

This project seeks to provide vital and quality primary education with improved psychosocial wellbeing to these most vulnerable children who otherwise will not be able to go to school. Our education approach is uniquely designed with the long-term goal of building these children’s academic, social and emotional knowledge and skills to be able to participate fully in society and realize their full potential during and after the war.

Through this project, we have been building the interreligious and intercultural dialogue capacities of religious leaders, students and youths.

With the help of goodwill persons, we have been providing assistance to orphans, widows, the sick, teenage mothers, persons with disabilities, internally displaced persons (IDPs), the unemployed, etc.
Some of many success stories include the story of Christabel!

Christabel shed tears as she shared her testimony. She said she was a very frustrated single mum when she came in contact with Rohi. She had lost all hope in life after being abandoned in pregnancy by her boyfriend who had asked her to abort the pregnancy or take care of the baby herself. She was a housemaid in a rich family when she became pregnant. She had lost her mom who was her only parent while still a kid.

As a girl child her uncle who was supposed to be her legal guardian had thought she was better fit to be a house help than go to school like his own children. She was sent to be a house help at a tender age of nine. She grew up never knowing her dad and trying to help feed her other siblings who had also dropped out of school. She suffered injustice as she worked for several women and they sent her away without paying her a cent, not minding that she had a son to look after.

Rohi Foundation took her through many sessions of counseling and literacy classes. She had wanted so badly to read her Bible but couldn’t as she could not read or write. A few months later, through some partners of Rohi, Christabel had a job as a maid, with a better salary and better working conditions. She had been trained as a hair dresser but couldn’t do much work as she had developed a lumbar spine pain after child birth. Today Christabel is more stable, mature and happier. She sends her son to school with her earnings and dreams to continue her education and become a nurse. Her employer has doubled her salary, and taken her in as her adopted daughter. It’s with tears that she remembers her past and thanks God for all the trials she’s been through.

Rohi Foundation has acquired a five hectare piece of land in Mankon Village for the purpose of establishing a ‘best practice’ permaculture farm. The farm carries on a range of agro-pastoral activities. Our main aim of the project is to scale up the production and consumption of organic crops produced from a flourishing natural ecosystem. We do integrated farming of crops like: maize, beans, vegetables, peppers, plantains etc. and livestock. Through this farm we seek to train youths in peace-building and permaculture, while employing some, generating food and finances for the assistance of the many Internally Displaced Persons in need of food and also for the promotion of peace-building in the English Speaking part of Cameroon.